Broken Glass Slipper...When you stop believing in fairy tales, accept reality and start making your own happily ever after

**Disclaimer: I promise I'm not a cynic**

Have you ever thought to yourself; what if Cinderella's glass slipper broke or Snow Whites prince showed up five minutes later or the last rose petal fell to the ground before Belle kissed the Beast? Do you think they would have had their happily ever after anyway?

Lately I keep thinking to myself what if my glass slipper is broken and my Prince has no way of finding me and I  will never have my happily ever after? That's when it hits me..there is something wrong with that statement!!

As little girls we grow up watching fairy tales, believing our Prince Charming is going to come riding up on his white horse and whisk us away to this magical place filled with love, laughter and happiness.... but why do we need a Prince to take us there?

This is a somewhat funny statement for me to make because I am the girl who believes whole heartedly in fairy tales and Prince Charming and happy endings, but I am starting to think that isn't such a good thing...maybe I am relying on that a little too much??

What if my happily ever after isn't what I thought it would be?? What if the castle isn't really a castle? And what if my Prince Charming isn't a prince or charming but instead a good guy who has been overlooked?

Why do I cling to my expectations of what love should be? What if the unexpected is whats going to change my life?

As I ask myself these questions I realize there are no true answers to any of them. Instead I resign myself to stop believing in fairy tales and to start believing in myself and how wonderful I am, accepting the reality I am in and remembering that I am blessed and have people who love me and start creating my own happily ever after.

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