Somebody call the little men in white coats...

I just might have gone a little blog crazy!!!

I do realize that this is my third post today but the circumstances have been a little unusual. I some how contracted a stupid virus that has left me stuck in bed today, so I have had time on my hands since I finished up my homework at like 12 today, so I promise this will not become the norm. I mean hello I do actually have a life!!

Well back to the point of this post...
In creating my posts for today I began to think about the year I am about to face. It will be one of excitement, fear, growing up, happiness, uncertainty, stress, love, fun, madness and change. I realized that this year is kind of like life "limbo". I'm not fully an adult yet but I'm no longer a kid. I have one foot in the real world and one foot not, so therefore I'm in limbo. So while I am there I am going to make the absolute best of it.

I have decide to create a list of "goals" "to-do" "wishes", whatever you want to call it, for this year. This list is complied of stuff that I have always wanted to do, and I figure why not now. Why not make my year in "limbo" one to remember.

So below is my list, in no particular order might I say, of the things I want to accomplish this year. As I complete something off the list I will blog about it and let you know. I have 50 things on my list and roughly 285 days until I let the fun begin and wish me luck!!

My Goals for this Year

1 Make straight A’s

2 Go horseback riding

3 Go barefoot for a day

4 Eat at 7 new restaurants

5 Kiss in the rain

6 Surprise someone I love

7 Make a difference

8 Go sailing

9 Take a ballroom dance class

10 Get a massage

11 Learn to sew

12 Carve my name on a tree

13 Tie a note to a balloon and let it go

14 Spend a day without TV

15 Eat 5 new foods

16 Complete a marathon

17 Start a holiday tradition

18 Go a whole month without purchasing panties

19 Have dinner by candlelight

20 Take a random road trip

21 Learn to play tennis

22 Wear a sexy Halloween costume

23 Complete a 500+ piece jigsaw puzzle

24 Learn something new

25 Make a scrapbook

26 Cook a live lobster

27 Make an apron all on my own

28 Go to a shooting range

29 Graduate

30 Do something kind for a stranger

31 Go to a winery

32 Put away $5 for every goal I complete

33 Go to or have a girls slumber party

34 Have a board game night

35 Take a "Girls" vacation

36 Go to a pumpkin patch

37 Make a pumpkin pie with the pumpkin from the patch

38 Pay it Forward

39 Go zip lining

40 Learn to drive a manual

41 Be in 2 states at once

42 Create a cookbook of my favorite recipes

43 Go to a murder mystery dinner

44 Visit 5 places I have never seen

45 Conquer a fear

46 Get in shape

47 Clean out closet and donate clothes

48 Spend a whole day volunteering

49 Take/do a photo-shoot in the rain

50 Go snowboarding

Let's Catch Up, Shall We?!?!

I'm back......

So my life has been CRAZY over the last couple of weeks/months, I'm not even sure where to begin...

Well lets start with the MAJOR thing... I moved out!!!! Yes,I flew the coupe, left the nest, grew up and am now on my own... well not completely on my own, I do live with 2 other fabulous girls, but I am no longer living with the parentals. For those of you who know me, this is a huge deal because I love my family MUCHO and am very close to them, so this is going to be a challenge, but one I feel I am up for : /, I guess we shall see. Well we shall come back to the apartment later.....

The other HUGE thing going on is I started my senior year of college!! Heck yea I am almost happy dance now...!!! Even though I can taste the finish line and can see myself running the victory lap, it is scary!! I mean hello, now I actually have to enter the REAL WORLD, which from what I hear is kinda a scary place. To top that off I'm not really sure what I am going to do once I graduate. Growing up they lead you to believe that if you graduate high school and go to college and get a degree once you graduate your dream job is just dropped out of thin air into you lap by the little dream fairies....LIARS!!! But oh well, thats a problem for another day, right now I am going to focus on actually getting the diploma and walking across the stage and then we shall go from there.

So back to the mother dearest has been asking me to post pictures of my apartment so all can see....well you ready mother....drum roll please.....TA-DAH!! (Psss you must scroll down to actually see the pictures)


So there you have it, my beautiful apartment, well my room at least ;).

Well thats about it for this to you soon

~Lots of Love

And so it begins...

Hello all!!

Yes I, Ashlee Marie, have joined the growing world of bloggers. Why you ask? Well I am taking a technology class this semester and we are required to keep a blog tracking our growth in the class....BORING! So I figured as long as I am having to create one blog I might as well create another that has a much more exciting topic...MY LIFE!! Yes that's right, I am allowing you to enter in to my crazy, exciting, fun, strange, beautiful, blessed life. Well, I believe that is enough of introduction for now. I shall return soon.

And so begins my adventures in blogging....