Somebody call the little men in white coats...

I just might have gone a little blog crazy!!!

I do realize that this is my third post today but the circumstances have been a little unusual. I some how contracted a stupid virus that has left me stuck in bed today, so I have had time on my hands since I finished up my homework at like 12 today, so I promise this will not become the norm. I mean hello I do actually have a life!!

Well back to the point of this post...
In creating my posts for today I began to think about the year I am about to face. It will be one of excitement, fear, growing up, happiness, uncertainty, stress, love, fun, madness and change. I realized that this year is kind of like life "limbo". I'm not fully an adult yet but I'm no longer a kid. I have one foot in the real world and one foot not, so therefore I'm in limbo. So while I am there I am going to make the absolute best of it.

I have decide to create a list of "goals" "to-do" "wishes", whatever you want to call it, for this year. This list is complied of stuff that I have always wanted to do, and I figure why not now. Why not make my year in "limbo" one to remember.

So below is my list, in no particular order might I say, of the things I want to accomplish this year. As I complete something off the list I will blog about it and let you know. I have 50 things on my list and roughly 285 days until I let the fun begin and wish me luck!!

My Goals for this Year

1 Make straight A’s

2 Go horseback riding

3 Go barefoot for a day

4 Eat at 7 new restaurants

5 Kiss in the rain

6 Surprise someone I love

7 Make a difference

8 Go sailing

9 Take a ballroom dance class

10 Get a massage

11 Learn to sew

12 Carve my name on a tree

13 Tie a note to a balloon and let it go

14 Spend a day without TV

15 Eat 5 new foods

16 Complete a marathon

17 Start a holiday tradition

18 Go a whole month without purchasing panties

19 Have dinner by candlelight

20 Take a random road trip

21 Learn to play tennis

22 Wear a sexy Halloween costume

23 Complete a 500+ piece jigsaw puzzle

24 Learn something new

25 Make a scrapbook

26 Cook a live lobster

27 Make an apron all on my own

28 Go to a shooting range

29 Graduate

30 Do something kind for a stranger

31 Go to a winery

32 Put away $5 for every goal I complete

33 Go to or have a girls slumber party

34 Have a board game night

35 Take a "Girls" vacation

36 Go to a pumpkin patch

37 Make a pumpkin pie with the pumpkin from the patch

38 Pay it Forward

39 Go zip lining

40 Learn to drive a manual

41 Be in 2 states at once

42 Create a cookbook of my favorite recipes

43 Go to a murder mystery dinner

44 Visit 5 places I have never seen

45 Conquer a fear

46 Get in shape

47 Clean out closet and donate clothes

48 Spend a whole day volunteering

49 Take/do a photo-shoot in the rain

50 Go snowboarding


  1. i love you!! your goals crack me up :)

  2. if you're still bored (and feeling craptastic), check this site out:

    I have a list, and we have several goals in common!

  3. ok... so I noticed that one of your goals is to complete a marathon... i thought you didn't like running?
    I'm joining in on... The winery, the girls slumber party, the girls road trip, the marathon (I wouldn't miss that for the world),making an apron, & pretty much anything else that might include you, me, and a bottle of wine :) love ya!

  4. Girl I didn't say anything about crazy!! I plan to walk in the marathon..I mean I wouldn't want to overdo myself!!